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Sunday, April 24, 2011


I wrote before about the little things that make a difference. I have had several experiences on the Internet last year with a small company based in California, which makes my experience a large purchase online with the small things.
Busy Bunny is an online store based in San Bruno, California. As they say, They specialize in the “game Edible treats for pet rabbits, and entertainment for people since 1987.” Some of the best-selling products are the baskets in the form of carrots, alfalfa, and sticks, and one floor of cardboard for rabbits to chew and climb. My rabbit really loves straw mats, which can both sit on and chew up. Yum!
The first time that a command, and asked me to create a record in mind. Been keeping my information safe – mailing address, billing address, and order. E-mail also requested from the address and phone number, along with an explanation of why they are needed.
Every time I go back and asked the rabbit is busy, my information is already available for me. In fact, I can not click on any of the former regime, and see what I bought, and select the button that says “rearrange” If you want the same elements (I do usually). Once the system, you can also follow the simple pack of the same page.
The last time I rearrange my mats Bunny Straw Favorites (Saturday), I could not remember exactly the one that was like last time. Easy! I had only to log on to account for the appearance, in my previous requests, and click on re-arranging. Completion of all! And my credit card and all relevant information in its own already, so I completed my order in about 3 minutes.
I would like to shop for my rabbit needs anywhere else? No. Busy Bunny is very convenient for me. And remember things for Oni, and they make it easy for me to order, and they appreciate me! How do I know they like me? They guided me to a nice busy Rabbit notepad in each shipment. This is a great way for me to feel valued as well as to keep the logo in front of me (I can use my phone platforms).
I’m shopping online with quite a few companies that are larger than the rabbit is busy, and the experience of shopping online is not always as good as the one described. If the small company could do so, one should be more able to do it too!

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