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Thursday, April 21, 2011

Women Health

Regardless of age or you are in some stage of life that have become amputees, it is important for all women to adhere to their health by taking time to schedule regular medical examinations and medical tests. Regardless of the cause of amputation, whether it's a shock, cancer and complications of diabetes or cardiovascular disease, we must never forget that I was the first woman and the amputation of the second. Instead of focusing on what you have lost, you must focus on the care you have left.
The three main causes of death for women in the United States, heart disease, cancer and stroke. Amputation of any place in this list. May be missing limbs, but there is more than enough for the care and maintenance in order to function in the best of your ability. Granted, it may be more uncomfortable, strange and difficult to schedule appointments, and hip-up exam on the agenda for the exam GYN or balance during the filming of the breast, but please, do not use your amputation as a pretext to avoid taking care of yourself.
Health is not merely the absence of disease, but it is the cornerstone of a happy

life. This gives us the ability to go out and about, to live and work, and enjoy our families and friends. Health risks for women vary by age, family history, personal history and health habits, lifestyle, work and home environments.
These issues are certainly different in adolescence and our 20s, we have years of childbearing and motherhood, menopause and beyond. Since our bodies are constantly changing as we age, and health concerns we have and we need the tests will also change. Therefore, it is important to partner with your physician or health care professional to determine a schedule appropriate health screening issues on the basis of your individual health, and risk factors and needs. Routine tests, and medical tests and screenings for some women fall into general categories.

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