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Saturday, April 23, 2011

$5,000 Cab Ride

$5,000 Cab Ride
For those students from the University of New York and the west coast: I hope ever you can travel without paying the price of a home? Well, next time, and consultation of the population of New York and John Belitsky Wuebben Dan, who found somewhat cabbie to get them out of LaGuardia Airport to the other side of the country in Los Angeles.
Armed with $ 5000 and a lot of free time, and Belitsky Wuebben hailed a taxi on Saturday night, except to be in sunny California day. As of this morning, and was bilateral in Las Vegas.
And allowed the taxi driver, Mohammen the world today, to stop the outset, and the seizure of clean underwear, and he knows his wife that he was going to be gone for a few days. The estimated cost of the trip for $ 17,000 on the counter, but the world today and agreed to pay 2 miles .448 for $ 5000. This is one way to get friendly with your cabbie.
And spontaneous road trip inspired by his father and Belitsky, a former taxi driver, who once said that there is no taxi driver in New York will go all the way to Los Angeles. Of course, there is a need to prove Belitsky mistake.

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