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Friday, April 22, 2011

Earth Day Activities

Cheap beer and free clothing and high and games are just some of the perks of Earth Day in Boulder this year.
This is just a Friday and a fun, "said Sarah Dawn Haynes, an assistant for environmental programs center of the customs union.
The fun will be held in Fountain UMC 11:00 حتي 03:00 on Friday. Cooperation between student groups and organizations, including 180 * 11, and coordinator of the customs union is slow food and recycling of the customs union activities, including running 5K, and introduce many of the fire and gifts.
Students know that there are a lot of difficult things happen, "said Heinz." I think when this study it is also important to celebrate all the great things that occur: Solutions and achievements and the changes that we were able to do.
For Heinz, one of the upcoming event on earth is really really free market, hosted by 180 * 11 in the Customs Union. And invited members of the community to achieve their clothes and other unwanted materials in the market and left with what they want.
The really really free market can help restore a personal work, "said Heinz." It helps people to understand that the mentality of giving things away and not throw it away.
Said Maya wet, and young 22-year) degree in Sociology and a member of the team * 180 student 11, really really free market came to the copper, Boulder for the first time in December 2008. Market this year is collaboration with a support network of indigenous peoples.
The idea is that we create a space gift economy, "said the wet." There is nothing for sale, and no money is exchanged, and there is no swap or trade. We celebrate the abundance of resources for when we all work together.
Said Elizabeth Ordaz (21 years), from senior international affairs major, as well as a member of the team, that while the really really free market fits perfectly with the purpose of the earth today, has some issues with the celebration.
One of the drawbacks on the ground is that it kind of lifted just a matter should be dealt with in one day certain, "said Ordaz." It's kind of cliché to say that Earth Day should be every day, but I think it is the normalization around these things that we are trying to address about consumption and the resources that we use, and exploitation in this country.
Off-campus events, and there are many community celebrations on Friday.
Eddie Stone of Yoga Studio is the time to host a workshop on shamanism Peru and Celtic traditions in the evening. Geological Geological house Modreski lead rise in the afternoon until late in the South Table Mountain. Boulder Theater is hosting the annual Microbreweries 19 to Benefit the Environment, Colorado, where 19 microbreweries will serve drinks several $ 2 each.
Other activities include a ceremony at the center of resource conservation and sustainability in the conference at the Center for Ecology honeysuckle.

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