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Monday, April 25, 2011


Bought a used car giant CarMax agency Saturn in the old Federal Heights, consolidating the company’s intention in a department store to enter the market metro area.
7.23 acre site bought in 2600 AVI 104 W – Richmond, Virginia-based retailer – the largest in the United States. For $ 6 million with no immediate plans to build a sale. In 2008, CarMax has bought a piece of property in Parker.
And said CarMax spokeswoman Elia Imler if goes as planned everything, CarMax will demolish the existing store Saturn and begin construction on a new deal is not earlier than 2013.
CarMax, which operates only in the sale of Colorado at Colorado Springs, the same as for real estate in Littleton.
Real estate purchase does not guarantee that it will be built store, “said Imler.” It can take up to three years to get approvals and construction before the store is ready to be open for business. ”
If you do not CarMax land conversion in many local used car sales, the company will work on the “no-decker,” model sticker price.
We do this because when we started for the first time, CarMax, and we surveyed customers to find out what he likes people from buying cars, “said Imler.” What we got was what they did not like. ”
Said Jeff Baca, a merchant in the main door Suzuki Denver next to the site of the proposed CarMax in Federal Heights, said he welcomes the competition.
I think it would be to drive traffic, “said Baca.” Spend a lot of money on advertising, which highlights a lot of people are looking for cars. Is that everyone is moving in the CarMax is going to buy them, and you can see the cars right from their share. ”

Metro Volunteers’ men.

Joe Blake, the former chief executive of the Denver Metro Chamber of Commerce and Chancellor of the University of Colorado, Denver restaurant B?rzi?š Mark are the winners of this year, Metro’s highest awards for volunteer work volunteer.
Blake will be honored and B?rzi?š through the heart of Metro Volunteers Volunteer Awards Ceremony 5:30 to 7:30 Tuesday at the University of Denver Cable Center, 2000 Buchtel Blvd. Tickets: blacktie – colorado.com.
You will get the Blake Prize for life achievement volunteer leadership and service to him throughout the metro area. Will B?rzi?š, founder and partner in the ownership of small-scale bars and bar in the neighborhood of 19 bars, and gets the award for community impact of the first record of him in volunteer work.

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