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Sunday, July 31, 2011

Cute Quotes

"Below is a list of quotes cute love and life," and more. It also contains a nice friendship quotes, quotes, funny, inspirational quotes that you can use on every trip a day. Inspire people, especially friends and family by making this case as cute quotes to your Facebook. Enjoy and thank you for visiting!
Quote of the spectrum today, "the definition of love - a form of memory loss is when there is a marriage "1700000000" forgot the other boys in the world."

1. Life such as riding a bike. To maintain your balance, you must keep moving.
- By Albert Einstein

2. I never jealous when I see my ex with someone else because my father taught me always to give my toys used were less fortunate.

3. I do not like the woman because she is beautiful, but beautiful because
I love her.

4. Life is ironic, too. It takes sadness to know what happiness is, and estimate the noise in the silence, there is no value of life.

5. You do not marry someone you can live with, and you can marry a person who can not live without.

6. When you write your life story, do not let anyone else hold the pen.

7. People say you do not know what you have until it's gone. The truth is, I knew what it was, I thought you just never lose it.

8. Do not get mad if I care too much, you should really start to worry when
I do not care at all.

9. Haters do not really hate you. They hate themselves because you are a reflection of what they wish to do so.

10. I was 10, and you have a Facebook and a cell phone? I had when I was 10, and the coloring book and crayons file.

11. I do not like a lot of people neglect your friends and family because once your heart gets broken you must turn to them for help.

12. Support the music every day because of the presence of music is not there today will not be for you! - Hayley Williams of

13. We ignore who adore us, adore who ignore us.

14. Do not fall on any person in life until you are ready to catch you.

15. It's sweet when someone remembers every little detail about you. Not because you keep reminding them, but because they care enough to pay attention.

16. Do not judge my journey until you've walked my way.

17. Do not live in the past. Maybe you miss the great things happening in your current job.

18. Let your smile change the world. Do not let the world change your smile.

19. I do not regret anything in life because at one point did so for a reason.

20. Girls have a bad habit on hold for too long. Men have a bad habit
Letting go easily.

21. I love you. 2 seconds to say it. 2 hours to explain it. A lifetime to prove it.

22. Every girl and three men in her life: the one you love and hate, the one she can not live without. In the end, they're all the same man.

23. Be who you are and say what you feel because those who mind do not matter and those who matter do not mind. - Dr. Seuss

24. Must hate the fact that I mean that I'm doing something right that you jealous. I'm proud of my heart. Has played, and the appeal, to cheat, burning, and breaking, but still works.

25. One of the best feelings in the world when you're hugging someone you love and they hug you back more than that.

26. If you're cooler than me, and that means I was hotter.

27. Men jealous, it's kinda cute. When girls are jealous, World War III
About to begin.

28. It takes a strong person does not cry, the most powerful people in tears, and the strongest person to say why they were crying.

29. # 1 reason why people give up quickly because they tend to consider the extent to which they still have to go instead of how far we have got.

30. When you have to take a difficult decision, flip a coin. Why? Because when it is the currency in the air, you suddenly know what you're hoping.

31. I'm diagnosed as being in love. Medicine is you. Addiction is terrible. Withdrawal is hell.

32. If people talk behind your back, congratulations. This means you
Far in the foreground.

33. Talks stupid sense when you're talking to someone special.
- By K. Andaya

34. Approached me and asked the child, what is love? The boy replied: Love is when your puppy licks your face. I laughed, then added, saying that even after she left him alone all day.

35. It is better to lose your pride for someone you love, rather than to lose someone you love your useless pride.

36. Let your past does not make you the best bitter.

37. BE - YOU - tiful.

38. Boy: There is only one thing I want to change you. Girl: What's This?
Boy last name.

39. True love never a happy ending because true love never ends.

40. Letting go is one way of saying I love you.

41. I was crying on the truth rather than smile over a lie.

42. A man loves a million girls, but a real man can love a girl in a million ways.

43. I find it cute when couples act like best friends and best friends act like couples.

44. Why is the right one comes at the wrong time?

45. If you do not call me every day and I understand that, when you do not text me every day and I understand, and when I stop loving you I hope you understand.

46. Oh, I was dating my ex? Cool, I eat a sandwich. Want of such residues is necessary?

47. Will be the answer when someone asks me what I think.

48. Do not fall on the words. Fall for business.

49. The shortest word I know is "I" and sweeter I know is that the word "love", and the most important person I know is "you".

50. "I do not want an ideal relationship. I just want someone I can act silly with someone who treats me well and loves to be with me".

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