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Thursday, April 21, 2011

Women Face Infection

And is usually caused by Actinomycosis anaerobic bacteria called Actinomyces israelii, which are common and usually do not cause disease (nonpathogenic) organism found in the nose and throat.
Due to its natural bacteria in the nose and throat, actinomycosis most commonly appears on the face and neck. However, infection can occur at times in the chest (pulmonary actinomycosis) and abdomen and pelvis, or in other parts of the body. The infection is not contagious.
Symptoms occur when bacteria enter the tissues of the face after, surgery and trauma or injury. The common reasons is to make a dental abscess or oral surgery. Infection has also been seen in some women who have intrauterine device (IUD) to prevent pregnancy.
Once in the tissue, it is an abscess, and steel production, and red to reddish

purple lump, often on the jaw, which comes from the name of the common condition, "lumpy jaw."
Eventually, the abscess breaks through the skin surface to produce a piece of drain the sinuses.

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