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Sunday, July 3, 2011

woman Tattoos design

Braved the ocean: Justin Piper shows off his tattoos as Hebrew and Selena Gomez a swim in Maui
It's only 17 years old, but as the pop world-famous star Justin Bieber has seen the world more than twice as much as men age.
Perhaps this explains why the teen has already visited the tattoo salon, not once but twice.
Selena Gomez to join his girlfriend on the beach in Hawaii this week, and he showed him off inkings.
Tattoo: Piper has a Hebrew phrase on the torso, and seagulls on his stomach
One, on his stomach, and the outline of the seagull Jonathan Livingston from Nawras, a tattoo done to match his father and uncle on the occasion of his birthday gala 16. On the other hand, the torso, is in Hebrew.
As it is under the age of 18, Piper said he needed to get permission from the parents have tattoos.
View and is described and Selena relax on the beach in Maui together.
The young couple both took their families with them to spend the holiday, and was seen in the upscale Four Seasons Hotel.
And showed the Canadian star was stripped to the waist, off his rock hard stomach in a pair of bathing shorts teamed with flip flops and white sunglasses. Work on the tan: Justin and Selena on holiday with their parents
His girlfriend, meanwhile, was wearing a hat and a pink bikini and Daisy Dukes, and was carrying a leopard print bag while walking on the beach with Piper.
Was seen earlier that the young couple to come Maui in his hand in his hand after taking a flight from Los Angeles Airport, Los Angeles.
Pepper and Gomez (18 years) just went public with their romance at the awards ceremony music painting show in Las Vegas - the exchange of kisses and hugs in public.
Shirts: teen singer wore a pair of bathing shorts teamed with flip flops, while Selena wore a pink bikini top and Daisy Dukes
Vacation Time: Selena and Justin arrive hand in hand for a romantic holiday


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