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Sunday, July 3, 2011

Independence day

"Fourth of July holiday weekend into a strange world is crumbling in the communication system". The world suddenly become aware of large ships and fly over their cities miles ominously. When trying to communicate with ships at the end of the disaster, and David Levinson (Jeff Goldblum) world of paranoia begins himself from the previous deductions that foreign real intentions, and fears a sudden turn for the worse. They intend to destroy our world and the abortion of all it's resources. Within a day is the destruction of New York and Los Angeles and Washington. In a state of panic and fear of the survivors to flee to the region, where 51 per frequency are prepared to defend themselves. When developing a plan to attack the President (Bill Pullman) is no longer announces fourth Holiday Independence for America but for mankind in general, and then the final battle is being waged.
Holiday Independence is what the effects of the bomb large private movies are everything. Roland Emmerich really took the fear of the Worlds alien invasion to the next level. The idea of ​​the experience of first contact is not very friendly with the species which is clearly in the field of technology and beyond our understanding may not have been entirely original, but it was not done on this scale before. Ships a mile in circumference, hover over our major cities like without any attempt to connect and nail-biting, but not filed in time the viewer to take the profiles of our character next major all from different parts of the country, and who "accidentally" end together in the end. While these tours because the character is more or less being explored rather than the development we get an idea of ​​what it is, and is operated by all star cast is talented enough to compensate for the lack of depth in the personal development arena. But let's be honest, Holiday Independence film about the people and their journeys of personal weather oper conclusion? Certainly not. They were just pawns in this action flick wild alien adventure.
Actors, including powers such as Will Smith, Goldblum, Bill Pullman, Jeff, Mary McDonald, Vivica A. Fox , Harry Connick Jr., and Randy Quaid to make the film more confusing, because there are enough big name actors to know that every one of them and consumed, and then some. Will be sitting in the theater at the opening of the weekend, hearing and feeling the crowd surrounding interact with laughter for Goldblum lines or the withdrawal of Smith, such as "hello to you in the ground," or gasping in disbelief or fear of what is displayed, cold, and was truly memorable and wonderful feeling. It's exciting to be sitting in the middle of a crowd of people to participate in the film really watch your.
Make no mistake, while the White House being blown up is the site of horror, especially as it was watching the last 9 / 11, was realistic and very terrifying and amazing at the same time. FX was this wonderful film. They were characteristic of foreigners to thank the stars not your feet, and can speak the language by downloading the Internet in their brains, intelligent enough to know, and had a biology different enough to be vague and quite scary. Of the cities destroyed in the battle of the final countdown of all, the simple idea of ​​recruiting cable "to send a virus" (yes, to laugh in these days of technological awareness) made for something suspenseful, funny, and fun each time.
"ID4" is a film that will go down in history as one of the most films "FX," foundation stone of that time, not to mention that the film really set a precedent for the summer blockbuster movies great. They lack in the story of the film she compensates with a great explosion, great one ship, or a simple reminder of simplicity we have in the scheme of things. I've gotta love the Holiday of Independence. It's a good thing the film."

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