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Friday, May 6, 2011

Robin Quivers

I transmit sound Howard Stern and Robin Quivers recent comments on Gabourey Sidibe. Even before pressing play, and you're ready for Howard to be his usually self-attack. When you listen, and not shocked at all the shallow comments, and the heart and degrading treatment carried out. Howard said that Oprah and lied to Gabe, and affectionately call her, in the introduction to her during the Academy Awards ceremony when she said this was "just the beginning" to testify in Gabby. He spoke with certainty that the role in "Precious," and was about to post it, basing his opinion on appearance alone.
Rant of the blind is clear that his investigation and said that those same things about Opera, which for years was the recipient of verbal attacks Howard because of her weight. But there stood Opera, now tasked with voting for the Academy Award nominees in the future after receiving such an honor for being the candidate once in the same. In the introduction to her Oprah spoke to Gabi directly as a living, breathing, and a certificate of billion dollars that success is, in fact, can be achieved at any size.
What I found most surprising comment, "Come on, be honest with the girl. Look at that room. Of the last Do you look like? These are the people who work all the time .." made by Howard for a long time host Robin. Robin was born in 1952, during a period of time in history, where he had separated himself as a young girl of African Americans of Maryland with a name like Robin Ophelia Quivers, who had dreamed of working in radio in the day.
Question of the Opera, where Gabi pulled out of a role since she was very positive and optimistic in real life, Rubin hinted that it may have had ridiculed her ".. seen!" She exclaims. Spoke with Robin Perhaps such power because it was also once 100 £ overweight. Perhaps the troubled past, is responsible for increasing its weight and suffered ridicule as a result. In her book "Life quivers," It logs abuse at the hands of her mother and father, just like the character Gabe in the film. The odds are very against it, but what are the rose on it and had a successful career for more than 20 years.
I hope that the center of the current storm in the news more than comments, Robin Gaby is reflected in the story the way and the life of a fictional daughter of may be similar to her, that perhaps only his attack on Gabi It really is thinking about her pain. Gabi has some strong, positive people around that will help buffer them some of these negative comments. I am sure Robin can benefit from this kind of support they now receive some harsh criticism itself.

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