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Monday, May 16, 2011

Nicole Kidman

With frizzy red hair, milky white skin and dust of freckles, was not a Hollywood beauty Nicole Kidman traditional.
But it is now. In addition hairstyle golden smooth and perfect skin has a freeze-frame face, free from even the weakest lines of expression.
Not to plastic surgeons and lining up to take the credit. He claimed one of its unfortunate "is facing," Look at the development of other women of cosmetic treatments.
Academy Award 40 years), the winner is so "over-Botoxed" is to give the industry a bad reputation, "said Dr Martin Brown at a conference of medical experts.
Denied Miss Kidman has always using Botox injections. "I'm perfectly normal," she said in a recent interview with the magazine. "I do not have anything in my face or anything."

Spot wrinkles: The remarkably smooth face last month, Nicole Kidman

But was convinced by Dr. Brown, who runs the biggest Botox clinic in Canada, and Miss Kidman was "enthusiastic user".
Botox paralyzes the facial muscles for between four and six months, and soften the appearance of any wrinkles.
"Nicole seems to get Botox to perform two or three weeks before the big event, when it was, for example, go up on stage to collect her Academy Award she looks strange and frozen," Dr. Brown said in a conference cosmetic medicine in the state of Queensland, Australia.
As they were: Nicole as a fresh faced 24 years), before the alleged Botox
"It looks like a bat with a lot of brow lift (outer). We have fallen in the middle of the forehead. It's crying accepts her Oscar, but nothing is moving."
Dr. Brown claimed that users should be injected 2-3 months before this major event to allow for the influence of drugs to wear off. Actors especially the use of the minimum of the product.
Blamed effectively Miss Kidman and other stars to undermine his work.
"This is really doing anything to help in our work because we've got women coming to us saying: 'This is what we do not want to look like'," he said.
After the conference, said Dr. Gabrielle Caswell from Cosmetic Physicians Society of Australia, said she believed Miss Kidman had stopped using Botox in pregnancy. It's expecting a baby in the summer.
"She was using a little too much, especially in the forehead," said Dr Caswell. "Obviously it's not at the moment because she is pregnant, and the images appear a lot of expression."
Last night, said a spokesman for Miss Kidman said she had no comment.
Speculated on Hollywood gossip sites that have been injected with celebrities such as Celine Dion, Madonna, Cher and Sylvester Stallone with fat but only a few admit it - including veteran comedian Joan Rivers.
Sir Cliff Richard also admitted that it is trying, but after giving him his eyebrows, "It seems that the decline and I do not like the look of it.

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