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Saturday, May 7, 2011

Flower Foot Tattoos

The tattoo why I write this the curse of foot tattoo blog as I hate feet smell bad. Years ago I worked in a shop for shoes and OMG looking at your toes all the distorted and twisted almost mentally scarred me for life, and I just quit after 2 weeks.
Then I met a little red night with her feet and small toes painted purple, cured my fear of feet, but hey amounts are not interested in my life, amounts Tattoos are interested in football. The good news for you is the day you bring too many tattoos foot and feet of all sizes and shapes, and 8 will be seeing an explosion of reason tattoo foot addition to the great video tattoo on the right foot at the end.
But do not just read this blog tattoo foot, go read my other blog, such as music note tattoos, star tattoos, tattoos on the wrist, tattoo lowerback. Bookmark me on Facebook and meet the amounts Tell friends about my site and I intend to write about every tattoo there. If there is a tattoo you are thinking of getting let me know and I will write about it, Leah, in any case go now and enjoy foot tattoo.

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