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Saturday, May 7, 2011

Al-Qaeda statement

Al-Qaeda issued a statement on the jihadist forums confirms death of its leader, Osama bin Laden, according to the site Intelligence Group which monitors extremist messages.
The statement was issued in Arabic by Al-Qaeda - General Command in May Tuesday 3, 2011. Read the translation below:
Al-Qaeda statement calls today "a historic day, from the days of the nation's major Islamic (nation), and in the attitude is noble and one of the men heroes through the vast and squeeze the blessed and on the road taken by the will of all his predecessors, the powerful and those who will follow them, you may mujahid sheikh and leader, fighter and pious migrants, and Abu Abdullah Osama bin Muhammad bin Laden, may God have mercy on him was killed in a place shines the truth, and where the truth for the good work and advocacy to the truth of Bin Laden killed so he could follow the convoy great nation (the nation) with great leaders, and soldiers loyal, and the Knights honest people, who refused to abandon their faith, for a normal life and to hand over to those who will be humiliated and humiliating to be and that is why they are facing weapons with weapons and force with force, and accepted the challenge the masses and arrogant that came out to fight with the killing of machinery, aircraft, equipment and troops so that they can more proud to consider them as men, still this did not weaken its determination did not drain their strength, but instead stood up to them face to face, a great mountain, Mount proud and was still in the middle of the battle which is accustomed to many and used for eye views, but after that, he was yet to be excused and the delivery of his message and then he shot and killed by treachery and infidelity to his soul to its maker while repeating: 'those who sacrifice to the Lord blessed Spirit to fight falsehood can not ever be to blame. "
"Congratulations to the Islamic Ummah on the martyrdom of their son Osama devoted,
Even when the Americans were able to able to kill Osama, so only through the shame and betrayal. Men and heroes should not be faced on the battlefield but in the end, this is the fate of God. We continue to ask, and you will be able to Americans through their media outlets, agents, instruments, soldiers and intelligence services, which may be able to kill Sheikh Osama what he lived and died for? To what extent! How impossible! Sheikh Osama is not building an organization that will fade and vanish with his death or his departure.
In this context, we are al-Qaeda Organization of Jihad, the promise of God Almighty and ask Him for help, support and steadfastness to continue on the path of jihad, which our leaders, led by Sheikh Osama choice, and we will not hesitate, and will not deviate from this path until the honorable God to be the final arbiter between us and the enemy.
 We also emphasize that the blood of the mujahid sheikh Osama bin Laden, may God protect him mercy, and a very wide dear to us and precious to us and every Muslim of being shed in vain and that this blood (blood OBL) would be a curse that will chase the Americans and their agents, and the curse that will pursue them inside and outside their country, and soon - with God's help - we pray that their happiness turns to grief, and possibly allow them to blood mixed with tears and Sheikh Osama bin Laden echo once again that "America has not even live in the security of our people in Palestine, we live in and enjoy. It would be the soldiers of Islam in groups and individuals continue to plan and plot without any fatigue, boredom, resignation and despair, or indifference until you receive the misfortune of their cunning which will gray hair of the child even before it gets old.
We call upon the Muslim people in Pakistan, where the killing of Sheikh Osama dear to the soil to rise up and revolt so that they can cleanse the shame that came from a handful of traitors and thieves who sold everything to the enemies of ignoring Muslim nation, and feelings of this great people (Pakistani) Muajhid and allow them to up high and start a massive public uprising to cleanse their country (Pakistan) from the filth of Americans who have wreaked havoc on the earth. "
"The Sheikh (OBL) can not leave this world before taking part in sharing the joy with his Muslim Ummah (nation) on the revolutions in the rose of the nation in the face of injustice and tyrants and God's mercy be upon him, and included God and his voice Sheikh recorded voice message one week before his death, we will be issued soon, a congratulatory greeting, tips and guidance for Oaktaatm his voice with the following verses:
Saying that the mainland is the oppressors and the magnificence of the Gospel.
This is the road leading to the worldly life, and this is the path to the Hereafter.
You can die a slave, or if you want to die a free man, and this is your choice.
Furthermore, we warn that the be made by Americans of any injustice on the body of Sheikh Osama, God's mercy upon him, or be subjected to ill-treatment in any way despicable and this warning includes the abuse of any member of the family Sheikh honest whether they are alive or dead, and that it must hand over the bodies to the families, because any improper treatment and open the doors of evil double, and will only have to blame yourselves your business. We call on all Muslims to do their duty in the enforcement of this right.

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